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We MICROTEKNIK, leading manufacturer and exporters in the field of scientific laboratory equipments, Engineering educational equipments, hospital equipments , Waste management and Incinerators Since 1967 from Ambala (INDIA). Rich experience of over 5 decades in manufacturing with continuous improvements in producing world class quality products, supported by our in house R & D and users /customers feedback in achieving TEKNIK Brand as Import Substitution.

Sanitary Napkin Disposal from Microteknik comes with the assurance of more than 5 decades of experience in the incineration of wastes. We have tried and perfected the technology over and over to reach this product that delivers a peak level of excellence. The performance and efficiency of this incinerator are the top features admired by the users. We have manufactured this product, keeping the global standards of sanitary waste management and incineration in mind. The rugged construction and superior design offer safety and long-term performance.

People have been asking for a user-friendly incinerator for the management of used sanitary napkin waste. This decade has clearly shown the signs of how the environment is paying the cost of humans’ mistakes. Populations have been growing rapidly, many bacteria have become drug-resistant and virus mutation cases have increased. People catch and spread diseases due to a massive lack of information and awareness. One of the biggest problems is the wrong disposal method of medical or clinical wastes.

To eradicate the problem of sanitary napkin waste, we have launched our incinerator that is packed with advanced features and works in an eco-friendly manner. Our product covers all the CPCB guidelines of being odourless and smokeless. And it requires only 800 Watts to work, which makes its running costs the lowest in the market.


Sanitary Napkin Destroyer is a necessity of today: Why menstrual waste management is a huge deal?

Sanitary Napkin Incinerator?  is the modern form of an age-old process. Historically, people used to burn medical wastes and napkins to restrict diseases from spreading. However, these days, people have adopted unhygienic habits of napkin disposal, which has resulted in damaging conditions in the environment and for citizens, animals, and Mother Nature.

The disposal of sanitary waste is a problem that can’t be taken lightly. There are environmental and health hazards of not properly managing the menstrual waste. Unorganized waste collection methods and poor management increase the risks of disease transportation in villages and cities.

Any waste item that contains body fluids or blood comes within the bio-medical category of wastes. Such wastes need incineration in order to safely destroy pathogens. The segregation as well as safe waste disposal of sanitary napkins is a norm nowadays and not an exception. The issue needs to come out of the carpet and be normalized for people, so the users can become more aware of the necessity of correct disposal methods and solutions.

Citizens need viable solutions available and need to be aware of those options of disposal. Many people are not even aware of the right ways of managing products related to menstrual hygiene. This results in the wrong way of handling products, which creates adverse effects on our environment. There is an immediate need for proper and sustainable management of sanitary product wastes. The disposal and the rapid availability of solutions are necessary factors. And our product covers those factors exceptionally with its ability to utilize thermal energy to incinerate bio-medical waste.


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2759, Timber Market, Ambala, Chandigarh, India, 90212