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JC Thomas
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Oct 31, 2019 06:19 PM

Any mistake in choosing a web development company can cost a business owner both money and time. The excitement of a website launch may result in business owners choosing of biggest name in industry just because it’s a well-known name. Wisely it’s a costlier strategy causing any small business to get lost in competition.  However, benefits of choosing appropriate web developer and designers can provide you higher serp and increase in sales.

Below are several tips on Proweb’s web development strategy that’s helpful for company owners to avoid costly mistakes.

1. Identify difference between Designers & Developers

A designer craft website’s overall appearance through graphic designing, color scheme and overall experience whereas a developer focus on creating a UI (user interface) and associated parts allowing website to function properly. It’s mandate for any company to learn the difference between designers & developers, if thinking to hire an agency offering both services.

2. Be specific about goals

Before choosing a web development company to reach desired goals, one must set his/her own goals and should be communicating them clearly. It’s been evident that keeping a realistic goal is crucial for enhanced online presence otherwise hiring a developer will become costly and frustrating.

3. Research is imperative

Interviewing developers and designers with crafting a web development strategy is a effort of worth. Any choice made in hurry can result in waste of resources and missing deadlines, furthermore it may lead to scrap the project and start over again. So research is crucial for smaller businesses having low budgets, who can’t afford to start it again.

4. Realize what’s needed

Appoint a large web design company on the basis of its high-profile clientele can be a financially hurting resource especially for small businesses.  Small organizations should avoid exhausting their budgets in paying for sake of reputation or unnecessary services. Instead focus on the quality of work and determine what exactly is needed and try to save time, money and other resources.

5. Ensure worth in responsive designing

Any developer not capable of creating responsive website is kinda useless in today’s mobile dominated scenario.  It’s estimated that almost 7 billion people across the globe will be using mobile devices by year 2020 & if your website is not formatted for proper display on mobile screens, then business owners lose the probability to get in touch with millions of potential customers.

6. Conversions is valuable than Traffic

An exceptional developer can increase both website traffic & turn traffic into sales.  Functions like add to cart button, simple navigation and clean pages are forte of a skilled web developer to make buyer’s path of buying on ecommerce website efficient and simple.  

7. SEO knowledge is advantage

Having SEO awareness is like icing on cake in web designing industry.  A seo friendly web designing approach makes it easier for much faster rise in SERP, if the company doesn’t plan to hire a marketing consultant.  However, web developers aren’t marketers, but if you find a multi-skilled developer, that’s ideal.

8. Pick a CMS

Any company’s website is a primary method to communicate with customers. But without a significant management, building huge content is nothing but wasting money. A CMS (content management system) makes it easier to edit, create and publish content, hereby helping website owner save time & money.


Selecting an ideal web development company can make a considerable difference in end customer’s difference. A pioneer web design company in UAE, concentrate to ensure a website reaches its objective continually.  One should perform extensive research and planning before hiring a web designing company, as good one can help in saving your hard earned money from getting wasted along with latest technological adaptations.

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Nov 01, 2019 04:16 PM
Thanks, this gives me some information. Appreciable article.

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