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Steven Glassner
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Dec 21, 2019 06:59 PM

Having a laser engraving business is just so perfect in today’s world. There are hardly any disadvantages we can think about in the engraving business. The basic requirement of any laser engraving business owner is to find the perfect material for their business which also provides the best possible profit as well. 

Well, the answer to their requirements is easy.


Yes, you heard it right.

Bamboo is one of the most multipurpose materials that has been useful throughout the history of mankind. Be its uses in building roads, houses, bedsheets, accessories, etc. You’ll find them in every industry.

So, if you are thinking about how to go about laser engraving work in bamboo, then we have just the right article for you.

In this article, I have covered seven amazing things you can create with bamboo using a laser engraving machine equipped with Mazak parts and Bystronic parts.

People use bamboo because of its strength and renewability. But there are many other reasons why people choose this amazing material for their laser engraving projects. Bamboo is light and soft in nature which helps in beautifully engraving it.

Now, let's look at the creative and profitable products you can create with bamboo engraving.

  1. Engraved Bamboo Cutting Boards:

Engraved bamboo cutting boards are the perfect wedding gift. They provide a personalized touch to the gifts which can add long-lasting memories to your loved one’s special days. The wedding industry is big, growing, and full of opportunities. Hence, it will be a smart move to open up on this side of the laser engraving industry. Also, make sure to choose the right laser engraving machine with the right parts like Mazak parts and Bystronic parts.

  1. Bamboo Engraved Tumblers:

Tumblers are always in fashion. They make for excellent insulators and are extremely useful to carry your liquids on the go. But when you want to gift someone tumblers you avoid it because of its simple design. But they can be one of the best gifts if you add a little bit of personalization. Yes, you got it. You can engrave these tumblers and turn them into personalized proper gift material. They are perfect wedding gifts, fundraising return gifts, and even corporate gifts.

  1. Customize Price Tags:

If you are a retail store owner and looking to provide a unique experience in your store, then having customized price tags can be your secret weapon. They are a perfect example of classic luxury touch and can reflect what your store could provide. Having these custom-made price tags might seem like it requires a lot of time but in reality, it’s not so. With a perfect laser machine and Bystronic parts, you can make them in a short time and it also helps your store to stand out of the crowd.

  1. Retail Display:

Thinking of entering the retail market? Then it’s just perfect for you to enter with the unique display settings. With the help of bamboo, you can cut and engrave them just perfectly. You can make displays in unique structures like honeycomb or a zigzag stand to display various products. It is very obvious that’ll grab your customers’ attention.

  1. Laser Cut Bamboo Rulers:

Thinking to gift something unique to your teachers? Be it the teacher’s day or their birthday, customized rulers are just the perfect gift for any teacher. Engraving their names or anything related to them on these rulers makes it more personalized and can help you connect with your mentors better. Such personalized gifts make sure that your professor remembers you forever.

  1. Engraved Birth Announcements:

Child of birth is as big and important as a wedding. These custom-made birth announcements will always be special for any parents. Because we know how special children are to their parents. So, if you are looking to open yourself to the array of new opportunities then this could be just right for you. Once you enter this market it is for sure you are going to get the orders around the year. Make sure you let parents decide the design and all the minute details as this could be an extremely special moment for them.

  1. Bamboo Engraved Home Decor:

Untapping the power of the home decor is just a perfect decision as a business owner. It is a huge market and includes lots of opportunities for your business to grow. You can make many things for home decor like a customized opener, basic things for keeping in showpiece and what not.

Final Words: 

Well, bamboo is useful for many things and many of its unique characteristics and offers high value for which your consumers will ready to pay. Additionally, these bamboo material is very easy to customize and provides proper finishing and perfect designs.

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